We so appreciate your friendship and your expertise! You demonstrated admirable versatility at the festival. I don't know of too many conductors who can (and will!) transition from conducting Faure's Requiem with finesse, then strap a bass guitar over her shoulder 24 hours later and jam on some gospel music directly AFTER having conducted a women's ensemble during the same're amazing! - Drs Rosephanye and William Powell, June 2013 (Melbourne International Singers Festival)
Kathleen it was a real honour to sing with you at the Melbourne International Singers Festival. I was part of Faure-in-a-Day at St Paul's Cathedral. This was a feat in itself to bring such a fine work together in such a short time. I really enjoyed the experience - I have sung in large Community Choirs for 40 years and the last 10 in small Community choirs. I sing with the Whittlesea Township Choir of about 16 singers. Every now and again I need a massed choir singing fix and have joined Jonathon's Singing Festivals for the last 2 years. With Faure you conducted with no fuss, but precision and clarity. I had such fun achieving mastery of this work thanks to your fine conducting and caring human qualities. I also sang with Only Women Aloud, this being my 3rd performance with this special project foundation choir. Our rehearsals at South Melbourne were always fun thanks to you - we achieved an amazing amount in a short time. The Concert on Mon 10th June at The Deakin Edge was inspirational. You engaged the crowd with such ease and the following conductors felt compelled to do the same as you had set a precedent. Sister Act with our Nuns' costumes was a delight to perform with you keeping the songs moving forward with precision and excitement. With my Mum, I care for my Dad who has Parkinson's and singing brings a lot of joy into my life. Thank you for being such a big part of this joy at the Singers Festival. With fondness, Suzanne Coburn (June, 2013)
From the first few notes, it's obvious that this isn't the usual choral work. Safeer el-Layl ("Ambassador of the Night"), written by Lebanese composer Ilyas Iliya, will be one of three world premieres at Making Our Dreams Come True: A Night of Glamour and Gaiety, the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus' Friday, May 16 [2008] spring concert at Davies Symphony Hall. For conductor Kathleen McGuire, conducting a work for two choirs in eight parts was simply another experience conducting orchestras. While such a serious work may not prove a favorite to ears unfamiliar with pentatonic scales, many of the chorus' other songs have a more traditional feel and, in some cases, a dash of frivolity. Jim Provenzano, Arts Editor, San Francisco Bay Times
I want to thank you for ALL you have done in San Francisco and beyond with the SFGMC. Your presence in this city has been remarkable, concerts inspiring, and your fundraising efforts, unparalleled. - conductor colleague, December 2010 
I have had the esteemed privilege of singing with the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus under Kathleen's artistic direction and leadership. She is an amazing conductor, very intelligent and personable. She is a great teacher and mentor! She is a true philanthropist and humanitarian and I would love to work with her in the future. I truly recommend Kathleen due to her outstanding qualities both personally and professionally. - choir member, August 2010
Thank you for everything you've done over the past 10 years, and more personally, for the last seven plus years I have been in the chorus. I made friends who have become the best friends I've ever had. I believe a large reason why this has happened is because of your leadership in creating a welcoming and friendly choral environment. When I first joined, I barely knew how to read music. Over the years, I have learned so much from you musically. Thank you. I truly love to sing and I owe most of my music education to you. I have also learned how to be a better teacher from you. The way you interact with us at rehearsals is amazing. You're prepared, strict, funny, engaging, clear, and respectful. Everything a great teacher should be. Many times I have used your techniques of teaching us a song when I teach my students some concept. Your influence in my life is something I will forever cherish. I wish you the absolute best, as you deserve nothing less. - chorus member, December 2010 
I want you to know what a positive impact you have had on my life. Becoming a part of SFGMC in 2005 and working under your direction has been a great experience. - chorus member, December 2010
Kathleen, I finished reading the BAR article and my eyes welled with tears. I am so very proud of you and couldn't begin to tell you how wonderful that you are going to SOS. You truly are an inspiration and I could not think of a more talented and giving individual to head up this incredible task. I have a feeling a lot of these unfortunate people have incredible voices and we know how healing singing can be to the heart and the soul! - choir member, December 2010  
It was because of the ongoing rehearsals and vocal training that came out of my time with you that I have had some very successful roles here in the Midwest with musical theatre. I wanted to thank you because you gave the me the opportunity by auditioning me and welcoming me into the Chorus. And I always respected you as a leader. You impacted my life more than you could know. - choir member, December 2010   
I am so grateful to have had the chance to sing under Dr. Kathleen McGuire's baton for two years. Incredibly talented, deeply passionate, and just plain fun to be around. Congrats Kathleen! - choir member, December 2010 
Kathleen, I meant to come and find you after rehearsal. I had such a GREAT time last night! You're truly an inspiration. Thank you for the fun, the joy, and the amazing music-making you have brought into my life- choir member, September 2010
Whether it's the current tour, or your shepherding the event Down Under, or your amazing, accessible, and just plain perfect arrangements, you're truly a monumentally talented, extraordinarily giving, and unbelievably generous, far-sighted soul!  - audience member

I've been attending SFGMC performances for some years now, and I have to say they've never sung as well under anyone else's direction. The level of vocal artistry in the last couple of years has far surpassed what they used to achieve, and I've been glad of your most excellent leadership. I first heard them 30 years ago when Dick Kramer was trying to get me involved, but I work in opera and music theater and also teach school full-time, so time won't allow me to make an appropriate commitment to SFGMC in order to participate.  - audience member                                                                                                               
Thanks for the great work. These arrangements are FANTASTIC! Kathleen McGuire’s choral arrangements have been used successfully by both Seattle Men’s Chorus and Seattle Women’s Chorus. The arrangements are well crafted for the voice and are creative. Her skills as an orchestral conductor show through on the accompaniments she writes for instruments. The vocal arrangements are not over-arranged yet are fresh and surprising. Kathleen has also proven to deliver arrangements and parts on time. I highly recommend her.  - Dennis Coleman, artistic director, Seattle Men’s Chorus and Women’s Chorus
This superb a cappella arrangement is an inspiring tribute to the heroism of Harriet Tubman, leader of the Underground Railroad, which gave many fugitive slaves safe passage to freedom. Vocal percussion effects, train sounds and call-and-response singing work together to create a wonderful choral tapestry worthy of its subject. "Come on up, puh, huh, huh, I got a life-line, come on up to this train o' mine..."  - JW Pepper re “Harriet Tubman” arrangement, selected as EDITOR’S CHOICE
McGuire's arrangements sound great for any ensemble. They are have professional quality without requiring professionals but sound terrific for any group. With standard requirements she makes a sonic impact. - Vance George, conductor emeritus, San Francisco Symphony Chorus
This smooth, groovy arrangement uses vocal effects, layered harmonies and optional percussion to create a mood that is driving, while at the same time, hypnotic. Many teaching opportunities here.                                                                        - “Harriet Tubman” arrangement review, Popplers Music
Kathleen McGuire has created an outstanding arrangement of the glorious song 'Harriet Tubman', originally penned by Walter Robinson, about the famous leader of the famous Underground Railroad. A cappella vocals that build with a 'come on up' followed by rhythmic vocals under the hypnotic melody. Optional cabaca part suggested. Layered under that is the sound of percussion imitating a train and vocal nuances resembling the sound of chains and also a train whistle. Incredibly powerful and moving! It's a must for every choir's library. - “Harriet Tubman” arrangement review, Primarily A Cappella
A great arranger -- and this is Kathleen in a nutshell -- tries to peer inside the head of the composer and think, "If this person knew how to arrange, what would it sound like?" A mediocre arranger just makes every song sound like what the arranger would have written if he or she had composed the music. Do you see what I mean? It's the difference between illuminating what's there and imposing something on top of what's there. Last night, we were talking via phone and Kathleen said, after I praised one of the arrangements, "Well, I just did what you told me to do." Right. I told her it's like the Monty Python "How To Play The Flute" sketch where John Cleese says, "Just blow in one end and move your fingers up and down on the outside." Sure, on a very literal level one could say that she did what I "told her." But if that's true, why does it sound like so much more? Because it's more than simply following instructions. It's about hearing more than that and delivering it, but staying within the feel and sound of the original. Every time she sends me a new arrangement, it feels like Christmas morning. I open the present and just marvel at the magic on the page. - composer/performer Steve Schachlin                                                                                                     
Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate your arrangements for our Broadway show this spring at Seattle Women's Chorus. I'm a 2nd alto and I absolutely love the rich, chocolaty goodness in our 2nd alto parts for this show... so thank you! You seem to really appreciate the bass line and that's a beautiful thing! - singer, Seattle Women’s Chorus
[Auld Lang Syne is] so beautifully and lovingly arranged – gentle, quietly lilting and the bagpipes and the tin whistle are just right. I couldn’t ask for anything more perfectly done. My church choir and I took a trip to the British Isles a few years ago and those incredible highlands took my breath away. We even had a boat ride on Loch Lomond – and sang the Chanticleer arrangement of Loch Lomond. All of those sights and sounds are coming back as I play this new song that you’ve poured your heart into.  The whole thing is just stunning from the bagpiper on the cover to the performance notes and all of the rest. You’re amazing, but then I’ve always known that. Thank you so much, dear Kathleen. - Barbara Wagner, Artistic Director, Buffalo Gay Men’s Chorus
It is truly amazing how beautiful a well done arrangement can be. I got goose bumps. I love the simplicity, but the depth is what attracted me to the work...the weaving of the melody line...great! GREAT JOB!!!!  What I heard was stunning! [re Auld Lang Syne]  - Mark J. Morette, President, Mark Custom Recordings, Clarence, NY